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Husovo nám. 114, 269 01 Rakovník
IČO: 71192565
Registration Number at the Ministry of Culture ČR: 2053/2002


  • The Municipal Library of Rakovník is a Public Library, established by the City of Rakovník. The Library's mission is to collect, process, preserve and provide Information, Literature and other cultural values. It provides Services to the general public in a reasonable, high quality, fast and efficient manner. Special attention is paid by the Library to children's readers and teenagers. Particular attention is paid to services for seniors, disabled and socially weak library visitors.
  • The Municipal Library fulfills its function under Library Act No. 257/2001
  • The Library is housed in two buildings, approximately 200 meters apart, both Buildings are connected by a wireless microwave link, which allows the lending of documents in the adult and children's wards to one reader's card.


What the library offers:

  • Non-availability and full-time lending of books, periodicals, maps, DVDs, CDs, games
  • In all departments of the library it is possible to use an electronic catalog and Other information sources
  • Bibliographic and factual information, library lessons, excursions, thematic Meetings for children and youth, lectures, exhibitions and other cultural and social events.


Library in figures for 2018:

Number of Departmens of the Městská knihovna Rakovník:   6
All departmens are automated by the library system TRITIUS
Number of library staff (recalculate all the work): 17
Total library stock (at 31.12.2018):  85 212
of which Educational literature:   37 526
Fiction:  42 948
Other Documents:  4 738
Periodicals: 106 titles
Number of registered readers: 2 584
of which readers under 15 years of age:  736
Number of Visitors:  118 933
Number of Visitors to the information center:  36 448
Number of Visitors to the Roubenka:   5 574
Number of Cultural and Educational events: 253
Number of Visitors to Cultural and Educational events:   20 105
Number of Website Visitors:   145 384
Average Daily Traffic per Year 2018:  944*

*The Average Numbers are counted on the working days of the Year 2018 (i.e. 250)